Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Tree Is Not A Tree

"A tree is not a tree and you are not you ..."

   Tom Notarianni Jr. 

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Karen K. said...

I would not have understood that if I hadn't spoken with you today:) .. I watch the kids at my daycare "just be". I have seen over and over again how adults label a child, interpret their "intentions" and actions, usually in a negative way, and attach a "story" and meaning to something that just "is". We say that children see the world through "the eyes of "innocense". I prefer to say they see things just as "is", or, without a label, judgement, or story. We, as adults, teach children the labels, judgements and "the stories". Throughout our childhood, we are TAUGHT (in school, home, church, etc) what we should see (and feel),how we should see things(and feel), and even who we are, through labels, etc. We spend half our lifetime learning others' "filters", and the other half trying to unlearn them. We can choose to see the world, and ourselves, and even our ideas about these things, as a child does, (learning how to do that through meditation).....resulting in a peaceful mind. Watch a very young child at play....they have no worries, they are only focused on the moment.....They enjoy what "is"...now watch an adult come into the picture and "take the lead", it totally changes the dynamic and the energy behind it.

Tommy said...

What an awesome comment! Thank you ... You've described the path to enlightenment. I have heard enlightenment described as "being able to see things clearly as they are". Children have much less concepts in their mind and thus can see more things without judgement and as they are - not what they have decided they are. Very cool ...

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