Monday, May 30, 2011

On This Memorial Day 2011, I Honor You

While most of us can agree that war is an awful arising, it is my observation that currently it is a necessary evil. The current state of consciousness - or rather mostly unconsciousness and egocentric minds/governments - to me, require two things. One, is Peace through strength. And two, the notion that the free people of the world must stand up for those who are not free or soon none of us will be free. Yes, we can argue the validity of certain wars and the sometimes seemingly dubious motivations of certain aspects. I think it is more useful to agree that instead of wars being good or bad, its more accurate to say that they are good and  bad. If the soldiers and the guns were not there to free people from tyranny there would be very little citizens could do to free themselves. We see clear examples of this in many places like Tibet and Iran. Without outside help there is little these people can do. China has absolutely destroyed a beautiful and peaceful culture of people who had no resources and nothing anyone wanted. They destroyed it out of fear that free thinkers were an obstacle to allowing the egocentric government of China to control everything. A country capable of such selfishness and malice with power similar to that of the United States is extraordinarily troubling for the world. Peace through strength seems to be the antidote for now but not forever.

I have continued to witness an extraordinary leap in consciousness in the world the likes of which I have not seen in my lifetime. The Chinese have unwittingly taken the wisdom that was, for the most part, contained in Tibet and disseminated it throughout the world. We never know what's for what in this interconnected and interdependent world in which we live. Although the people of Tibet continue to suffer greatly, the world as a whole has benefited greatly. The peaceful mind, warm heart and compassion practiced by the Dalai Lama during the destruction of his country and culture has demonstrated to the world what is possible. Imagine what the world will look like in the future. Imagine a world full of Dalai Lamas. Imagine when we all realize that the success of our neighbor IS our own success. Imagine when we realize that we need not fear one another, that there is plenty for everyone and there is great peace in sharing and taking care of one another. Imagine the world when we all realize that our true nature is being Loving, Kind, Compassionate and Patient and we Lovingly become that way towards one another. Imagine when we realize that staying connected with our true nature is what brings us true happiness in a deep and meaningful way ... That's the world we have begun to consciously create. People everywhere are gravitating to this truth.

Until this paradigm shift is complete soldiers will be necessary. To those who bravely fight to free people, who give limbs and lives, who are sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, who are brothers and sisters ... To those who try to live with the pains and brutal realities of war trapped inside their heads ... To the families and friends of those who have only memories left of loved ones tragically and prematurely lost in wars ... I say to you that your loss is not in vain. It is by your sacrifice that the causes and conditions are created such that we, the fortunate ones who remain behind, have the homes, places, freedoms and time necessary to realize our true nature - to be Loving, Kind, Compassionate and Patient. Every time I meditate I honor you. Every time I help another in need I honor you. Every time I look to give instead of get I honor you. Every time I smile with joy and happiness bubbling up from inside me I honor you. People who have realized their true nature have no need to fight. As more and more of us awaken to this truth war and conflict will naturally and inexorably become a thing of the past. It will simply become outdated like horses and buggies. You have done your part and now it is time for us to do ours - realize our true nature and maintain our Peaceful Minds. On this Memorial Day 2011, I honor you with my Loving, Kind, Compassionate and Patient Nature and Peaceful Mind. Thank you for helping to create the opportunity for me to find it. 

Thomas Notarianni Jr.

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