Thursday, August 18, 2011

Such a Waste of Time ...

This is all such a waste of time ... We could be working together building Utopia. Instead, we lie, cheat, steal and take from one another. We are afraid of one another and that fear has us guarded, contracted and unable to give. This results in a tug of war between ego's that no one ego can ever win because for an ego to destroy another ego it subsequently destroys itself - which it would never do. An ego is useless without another ego with which to be in conflict. The former is a direct result of our feeble misunderstanding of our own minds. The majority of our time should be spent understand and releasing the mind. Thus we lose the identification with the mind/body and get in touch with our true nature of being Loving, Kind, Compassionate and Patient. In this lies the answer to every problem. A peaceful mind has no problems - only opportunities. How much time will we spend today creating the causes and conditions for our peaceful mind to flourish?  

                            Tom Notarianni Jr.

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